Wednesday, August 18, 2010

all the time.

my folks visited me today for my tour of pica!  it was really inspiring.  and my plan is to attend in june, after i'm done some college.  woo-wee.  so excited.  we toured the school, got some information and ate at bistro 101 which was kind of hilarious.  i ordered the zucchini soup, tuna and the apple-peach cobbler.  the service was funny...(all student led) and really sweet.  i didn't have my camera with me, so my dad took some cell phone pictures.  maybe i'll post them later.  they are funny too.  i thought the food was real yummy, although they had run out of some stuff.

one of my favorite things about my family and their eating habits is that they stick to what they like.  everytime they visit me we go for chinese at commercial and 12th.  here. chinese food can be sick, guilty, bad/good, msg dreamy.. but this place serves it up yum.  i think.  holy delicious. ha-ha!  good food for sure, but i think they got the fortune wrong.....

spicy green beans
sweet and sour pork
vegetable chow mein

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