Monday, May 23, 2011

dinner for one.

At last a day to relax at home, clean, cook, read, this is good, real good.

I slice thinner now, and can prep ramps like no ones business (whatever that means) and it feels good to have accomplished something that once seemed so distant from me.

I, however miss my bed, long buzz- free sleep, and slow cooking for two.  

But for now, this is good.  

Super simple garlic/white wine clams 
baked frites

..and good beer.

really good beer.

Friday, May 13, 2011

a night, home.

A lot of salt has been taking up some space in my life lately, leaving me to reflect a bit on the hazards of this beautiful and complex mineral.  I find the most mysterious and special aspects of life are those surrounding indulgence, excess, satisfaction.  I will never, never ever turn down an offer for a brodo (even after a big meal) and nothing can complete my day more than butter bursting risotto or a perfect slice of bacon.  However, i've been avoiding the foods closest to me lately, the ones which I find to be the most classic, faultless, and pure.  Cooking less at home has left a bit of a void, and lately (though eating A LOT) feel a bit far away from food.  Vegetables, I'm back, I love you.

Other stuff (I still love you too)

Exciting news: Fiddleheads now available at Granville Island.  YES.

Garlic Risotto with parsley puree
Leek, Dill and white bean salad
Stir fried kale with toasted walnuts

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