Friday, May 28, 2010

im full 24.7

breakfast!  had a guest for breakfast and attempted (attempted!!) a new recipe.

lemon zest ricotta pancakes w. fresh blueberry sauce
pepper hasbrowns
chili scrambled eggs

its hard to make pancakes.  my dish pile is taller than me. i'm not slowing down.

last pic: jul and my breakfast dooooodles.  aka.  what you do when you should be doing something else.

(too) late dinner / to sleep or eat? uhhh.. eat.

mismatched dinner but yum.  everything surprisingly turned out to be quite good.  yes!  i am trying to learn how to cook without disclaimers.  its hard. time for bed. mmm. mmm.

tomato basil rice
szechuan wasabi green beans
breaded tofu w. warm honey dijon

i might make spaghetti for breakfast.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

lifeplans / food plans

"we could start to sell all of our posessions.  including your clothes.  write some bad cheques, hitch-hike to europe and be in spain within the month.  i heard all they do is eat and drink..."

the five minute breakfast.

when you are behind on everything in life.

garlic + pepper potato wedges
egg in rye bread with hot sauce

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


such a great meal on robson today.  haven't been downtown in a while.  we also managed to score some free soda on burrard and georgia today.  ha ha! kind of craving kalamata...

our waitress was nice.

our order:
greek salad x 2- tomatoes (1)
pita + balsamic (overwhelmed by the olive oil)(-)
the vegetarian platter: moussaka, spanakopita, roasted potatoes, rice pilaf, tzatziki
dolmades platter-dolmades with roasted potatoes, rice pilaf and tzatziki

it was yummy, and we were hungry.  sangria sangria sangria! 

T.E.D. talks inspired this meal

southwest breakfast burritos : whole wheat shell, soy meat, avocado, whole corn, jalapeno pepper, red pepper, orange pepper, onion, egg, hot sauce= yum

yam + yellow potato + red onion hashbrowns = too salty, i need to learn to control salt and spice.  they were almost unedible.  :(

i think i'm going out for dinner tonight!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

grilled cheese truck

grilled cheese: cream cheese, hot red pepper, jalapeno pepper, mozza cheese, cheddar, spinach, chili flakes on rye bread = easy and yum.  i need a grill.

victoria day dinner. full tummies.

trying out some new recipes.  experienced some stressful failure, but overall was happy with the outcome of the meal.

cranberry olive bread with homemade garlic butter (paprika, chili, parm)
spicy bean salad served cold
vegetarian sweet and sour meat(?)balls - had some trouble but tasted quite good.  Should of used croutons rather than freshish bread crumbs.  martha stewart said i had options. 
fresh pesto + toasted almond vermicelli

Monday, May 24, 2010

no money. home cooking? food envy.

had a very unfortunate weekend, but only because of the lack of dining.  however, managed to whip up a pretty fine steak for a friend.  the second steak i've ever prepared.  lime+chili+ black pepper marinade.  apparently it wasn't too shabby. + pasta (meh)  but what isn't good with whiskey.  anybody want to take me to dinner tomorrow? brunch even?  please? your treat?

Friday, May 21, 2010

the libra room (last week)

good female musicians, saturday -  i think (jazzy pants, and trumpet!)  we should go again soon.  real romantic in a commercial drive kind of way.  wait...

our order:

1516 lager
white bean puree.

stella's on cambie

comfortable.  clean food.  huge array of beer choices - $9 + which wasn't logical today.  perfect late lunch. we ate outside, but the inside is classy-ass. wallet now empty.  worth it. wanted to scream at stomache, 'make more roooooom." cleaned our plates (almost) mmm.

our order:
homemade bbq chips - (++++)
roasted tomato soup (do it! although john said it tasted like pasta sauce.)
arancini w. lime, sesame, and a sweet chili reduction
pulled chicken sandwhich (j said it was the best he's ever had!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

red robins - that's right.

bad/good food.  wait.  just good food. cute kids. single parents.  free bbqs.  ex girlfriend sociology major waiter (sam.) family, warm conversation with 'partner' (in crime)

our order:
mint oreo shake (3/10)
freckled lemonade (bottomless?)
fried cheese sticks
veggie whiskey burger
caeser  salad + salmon

deacon's corner

best caeser thus far (in life) (i think.) $3 french toast. charming service. order an extra egg.

our order:
classic breakfast + extra egg (over medium)
side of french toast (yesssssssssss)
veggie scramble
reg coffee w. baileys
double caeser

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