Saturday, December 31, 2011

getting real/intimacy

christmas is over, normal eating is near.  everything is good.

i've recently begun feeling convicted over the idea of local, seasonal- and been inspired and rather moved to re-direct the way I eat, and what food enters my home.  these things are ridiculously important, the reasons, abundant.  for someone who creates food on a more than regular basis, for me, these convictions are everything.

overwhelmed, i've spent most of the week avoiding food, which, if you know me, isn't a regime i enjoy following.    its winter.. which means root vegetables, comfort, good coffee, bourbon, forgiveness, sentiment..

these things are good. however, we'll see if one can survive off apples, cabbage, turnips and dairy.  can seasonal eating be cool?  we'll see. hah!  i will be updating this blog more often, attempting to suggest seasonal recipes, or local choices.  my attempts will not always be successful.  i really am terrible at this! join me!

please download this document if you are interested in what is available to us in this beautiful province.

pizza with my favourite person!

Pizza with pink beets, garlic & almond pesto, kale, radicchio, garlic/herb goat cheese.


  1. I would love a recipe?? think you can help

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