Friday, May 13, 2011

a night, home.

A lot of salt has been taking up some space in my life lately, leaving me to reflect a bit on the hazards of this beautiful and complex mineral.  I find the most mysterious and special aspects of life are those surrounding indulgence, excess, satisfaction.  I will never, never ever turn down an offer for a brodo (even after a big meal) and nothing can complete my day more than butter bursting risotto or a perfect slice of bacon.  However, i've been avoiding the foods closest to me lately, the ones which I find to be the most classic, faultless, and pure.  Cooking less at home has left a bit of a void, and lately (though eating A LOT) feel a bit far away from food.  Vegetables, I'm back, I love you.

Other stuff (I still love you too)

Exciting news: Fiddleheads now available at Granville Island.  YES.

Garlic Risotto with parsley puree
Leek, Dill and white bean salad
Stir fried kale with toasted walnuts

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