Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ah/yikes/eep/uh oh/sweet/oh ya...

back to schoooooool!

(and sort of excited.)

(which is weird, and good)

food science!



i feel like i'm finally pursuing something i am interested in, which feels nice.  real nice.  i am excited that it will take up a lot of time, and i've spent the past couple days preparing/organizing life in kind of a messy way. ha ha! oh dear!

we both had school today so we had a pasta bar last night. i never want to see another noodle again!

the market has amazing fresh pasta's.  i bought them there.  i am v. excited about my student loan as that money means.... a pasta machine.  YIP!

asiago/lemon/asparagus angel hair
zuchinni/brocolli/tomato fusilli with parmesan (jerry-style)
spinach tortellini with cream cheese/parsley sauce
a variety of cute baby grilled peppers

food science! how fun!

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