Sunday, June 6, 2010

alaska glutton.

spent the last week on an alaskan cruise, which meant piles and piles of amazing food.  piles.  we spent most of our eating time at the manhatten restaurant with sweet views, the most amazing service and 4 course dinners.  holy moly.  some of my favourite meals and appetizers were the caprese salad, (changed my mind about tomatoes! yes!) grilled vegetable kebabs w. toasted pine nuts over citrus basmati rice, alaskan king salmon w. béarnaise, chilled san fransisco crab louis over avocado, apricot chocolate cake, and blue cheese hors d'oeuvres  etc etc etc.... mmmhmm.  oh yeah, and a white chocolate fountain.  whaaaat?  also learned about the importance of a palate cleanser, which was often a rose wine sorbet! ummmm... this was awesome.

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